Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beginner Crochet 15 Minute Headband 


As the heading says this headband takes about 15 min to make depending on how fast or slow you crochet. In an hour you could crochet 4 headbands. Headbands are not only stylish but they are practical as well. You could crochet a headband in all the colors of the rainbow and more and you will always have something to give yourself a finished look. 

You could crochet three in your friends favorite colors and give it as a gift. The pattern for this headband I got from

and it was created by Created by Brittany for CreativeMe!

Aren't we luck to live in this day and age where we can get as many crochet patterns as we want. From beginner to the pro.

The Pattern:

5.5mm hook
measuring tape

Make a chain about 120 inches longs (if the recipient is a child, chain around 80-95 inches.) tie off.

For those who work in cm like me 120 inches is 305 cm.
80 inches = 203 cm
95 inches = 240 cm

 I used a book to wrap the chain around.

  Wrap a separate piece of yarn around to make the 'knot'.

  Tie a knot and weave in the ends. Cut off an loose pieces and voila! You're done :-)

  Look how it just neatens up your hair.

This is a very inspiring pattern. You could also just chain your 120" then slip stitch it to make a circle, then you can do a head wrap. Just an idea!
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