Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pet Toys

Dog Pet Toys

Nylabone Dura Chew Double Bone, Bacon Flavor

It encourages nondestructive chewing habits and the ridges & nubs help clean teeth control plaque and tartar. Satisfy his natural urge to chew with the long-lasting dura chew.  It is made of Nylon, inert soft thermoplastic polymer and Natural Bacon Flavor. It does smell strongly of bacon that will encourage your dog to chew the bone rather than your shoes. This bone is for for moderate chewers. Different dogs have different chewing styles and strengths, even within the same breed, so be sure to choose the correct chew size and type for your dog. 
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Is your dog one of those that just chomps on frisbees so hard that he either cracks the harder plastic Frisbee or his teeth just pierce right through the softer plastic ones. Well here is one that won't crack or be bitten through.  It's made of rubber and squishes rather than cracks. There are no sharp edges to cause any oral bleeding. You can fold it for easy storage in a backpack on a walk. You can easily clean it with soap and water. If your dog folds it in half and carries it around it looks like he's smiling at you, albeit, a crazy kind of psychotic smile.  It's floppy, and doesn't fly the same as a rigid disk but with practice you will get it to fly perfectly.
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Boss Pet Products FatHedz Dog Toy Pack, Pack of 4 toys

I do not believe in plush toys for dogs, however I think for small dogs and light chewers it could be safe. These dog toys are perfect for snuggling or a game of toss and fetch. It has an over-sized head that has a a hidden squeaker in the nose. The pack includes a Lion, Doberman, Dalmatian and Beagle dog toy. 
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Cat Pet Toys

Leaps & Bounds Caterpillar Cat Teaser

It is a great interactive toy for kittens and adult cats alike. Give your furry friend a workout that you both will enjoy doing. It is made from non-toxic materials. The only drawback is that the eyes can be chewed off. I suggest that you do not leave it where your cat can find it. It should only be used when you are in control of the toy.
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Petstages Crunch & Wrestle Fish Cat Toy

Just the right size for your cat to bat, wrestle, kick and bite. It has a strong scent that cats love and long lasting.

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Tower of Tracks Interactive Cat Toy 

It measures 5.25" high and 9.75" in length and width. It has 3 levels translucent ball track where the balls spins away from your cats grasp- 360° both clockwise and counter-clockwise. 

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This ingeniously designed Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher creates the perfect perch for kitties to stretch, lounge, scratch and enjoy life! Made with solid corrugated cardboard to satisfy your cat's urge to scratch, this easy-to-assemble x-shaped hammock and scratcher gives cats of all sizes a fun spot to relax. Includes catnip for added fun. Can be quickly folded away when not in use.

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Bird Pet Toys

All Living Things 14" x 4" Knots Block Chewing Toy, Medium

This is a great chewing and preening toy for medium birds. Your bird will do a lot of climbing, swinging, and chewing with this toy. He will be challenged by the number of sisal and cotton knots and it has a combination of textures to stimulate beak and foot exercise. 

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This is a foraging toy to keep your bird busy by requiring birds to work for their food. It has four clear acrylic cups that will move and sway as your bird attempts to retrieve its treats. This makes a great starter toy.

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Super Bird Creations 4-1/2 by 1-1/2-Inch Dippy Doo Bird Foot Toy, Medium to Large

This toy is recommended for medium to large sized birds. Exercises foot dexterity. Super Bird Creations toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure the mental and physical well being of pet birds. 

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