Monday, May 9, 2016

Article Writing For Only $1 ?

Hi my name is Margaret and I have been an online entrepreneur for quite some time. I am a professional writer and have been writing for places like Ezine articles as well as Street articles and a bunch of others. I know that articles are very important because content is king. But not just content GOOD QUALITY content.

I have seen some places advertising 1 dollar per article. REALLY? It sounds good right? And then they say it's 300 words or something like that. Well I have not tried them out and I don't think I will use them, for the simple fact that how much work will they put into a $1 article. LOL!!!!

Then you get the more so called professional services that will charge you anything from $6 upwards, and I have tried them as well. I can tell you through experience that at best their work is mediocre. And anyway who can afford that? listen don't get me wrong the $6 articles is fine, but man it's expensive!!! Then you get your spinners or rewriters, I mean no matter how many different names you call a dog it's still a dog. lol. Most spinners are crap, one or two are good but it's still going to eat up your time and it's not really unique anyway. So is there a solution to all of this? YES ME. Lol. Just kidding. But seriously I have decided to not only be objective but also fair.

So this is what I'm going to do, for the first 10 articles I will charge you $1 each. It will be 100% unique and it will be 500 words or more. I can write on any nice. If after 10 articles, you are still happy, jumping up and down with joy and you want to stay a customer the next ten will be $3 dollars each. I am doing this for a living and the article will be professional!! If  you are over the moon with my work and you stay on, then the next ten will be $4 each. This will not change because I don't believe in overcharging people!!

I know you get a lot of scammers out there, after all this is the Internet and I have been ripped off as well so be careful guys!!
I am the real deal, and you can put me to the test, that's the only way you are going to find out anyway. I do not make promises I cannot keep.What I can tell you is that your article WILL BE 100% unique and READABLE not the spin JUNK!!

You might be asking yourself, how long must I wait for my article? Glad you asked, it will take about anywhere from 1 to 3 working days, because I don't believe in rushing things and good content TAKES TIME!! Remember I am doing this for a living, some of you are going to think, that is still a short period of time.

Now the other question that you might have, is what if I want an article of more than 500 words? I can do this as well, but it is going to take more time, and right of the bat it's going to cost you between $6 to $8 depending if you want a 1300 words or 1700 words article. Please take note that after delivery there will be no refunds, for the simple fact that I do not know what you are going to do with that article.

You might put it on your blog, or submit it to an article directory, and then you will tell me you did not like the article, or something is wrong with the article and you want a refund. In other words you have been dishonest, but what I will do is either edit or tweak the article for you, if you are not happy. How is payment made? All payment is done through Pay-Pal. Once your payment is approved I will start writing your article, after your article is finished I will drop it directly into your email inbox.

So guys it's very simple you want the best quality content, that is 100% unique and that will pass Copyscape every-time.
I want repeatable customers that will stay with me. To do this my work must be very good. So let's do this!! Shoot me an email at: if you want to find out more or you want to place an order. I wish you all the best, and have a GREAT DAY!! Please also take note that I am extremely busy, but I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

1. First ten articles each $1 [500 words]
2. Second ten articles each $3 [500 words]
3. Third ten articles $4 each [500 words]

Here is one of my example pages done for a client:
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