Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fairy-tale Barbies and Haunted Beauty Barbie

Fairy-tale Barbies 

Faraway Forest Elf Barbie Doll

Barbie Direct Exclusive! Only 4400 Dolls Produced World Wide.
First in the magical collection, Faraway Forest™ Elf Barbie® doll charms with her pointy ears and fantasy costume mixing forest-inspired textures and colors. A green velvety, hooded cloak is worn over a long skirt, laced bodice and dramatic thigh-high boots. Vine-inspired accessories include a tiara, bracelets and belt. A "carved" staff with an embedded "crystal" and Faraway Forest™ map are essentials for the journey.

Queen of the Dark Forest Barbie Doll 

The one thing I know many collectors have been pleased with has been the manicured nails that are longer and polished black.
Third doll in the Faraway ForestTM Collection, this mysterious beauty wears a stunning black gown with a deep "V" neckline, foil-printed fabric and trumpet sleeves edged in faux fur. Her neckpiece, belt, boots and crown incorporate skeletal motifs, while the magnificent scepter features a "stone" accent. DOLL DETAILS Body Type: Model Muse, Poseable arms Skin Tone: Peace Facial Sculpt: Mackie Fashion Sewn On?: No Eyelashes: Painted Included with doll: Crown, Necklace, Belt, Staff, Shoes, Doll Stand

Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie Doll

Exclusive 5700 made.
If you want to collect the series you need this one as it is the first in the series.  If you like Barbie and the supernatural then it is a winner. 
An ancient mansion sits beneath ink black skies. Midnight winds whisper through deserted rooms. Softly, the sound of clanging chains and supernatural murmurs rises and grows. From the darkness, an apparition appears, sheer and barely visible. Frightfully beautiful, she lives between this earthly life and an unknown world beyond. You are indeed fortunate that this sublime spirit has revealed herself to you! Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie wears an ethereal, off-white gown featuring fitted bodice, bell sleeves, and full skirt with tattered hem. A silvery earthly chain wraps around her body. Her long, pale platinum hair and dramatic face paint take her far beyond the paranormal to extraordinary!

Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie Doll

Limited to 6800 dolls worldwide.
New in shipper. The pictures don't do it justice. 
Second in the Haunted Beauty Barbie Collection. The Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie doll wears a red charmeuse and black chiffon gown. Elaborate jeweled accents are featured at the neck highlighted by red and gold trim on the empire waist. Her gothic-inspired red shantung coat with a face-framing collar and full sleeves adds a dramatic touch. Her raven hair, pale skin, crimson lips and delicate white "fangs" will leave you utterly enchanted.

Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride

Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride Barbie Doll Gold Label #CHX12 Fourth in the terrifying Haunted Beauty collection, Zombie Bride Barbie Doll heads for the altar to begin her happily-ever-afterlife. Her grey and off-white satin gown features a lace overskirt and sleeves, with a delicate braid trim defining the neckline and sleeves. The necklace with faux pearl drop embellishes her throat, and her veil flows from an eerie "flower" tiara. For the adult collector Brand new and in nice condition!

Barbie Collector Gold Label Empress of the Aliens Barbie Doll
The Empress reigns in a floor-length gown of iridescent netting and dark purple reptilian textures. Draped chiffon sleeves are accented with metallic two-tone shoulder armor that match her sculpted corset. Her arms and legs are encircled in ornate cuffs and beautifully crafted heels. An over the top hair style and applied lashes complete the intergalactic look.

Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor 

Carrying her “candelabra” and manor keys, Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor™ Barbie® doll greets guests wearing a plum jacket featuring a dramatic bustle and a long, sweeping skirt. A wide swath of white runs through her black hair, which is pulled back into a bun. Earrings, a cameo brooch and Victorian-style boots are her elegant accessories, along with her Life in the Scream House “book.” Included with doll: Shoes, Earrings, Brooch, Candlestick, Keys, Book, Doll stand. 

Barbie Faraway Forest Collection - Lady of the White Woods
2015 Faraway Forest Collection. This mythical beauty is second in the collection and is adorned in a gown with coppery branches, ruffled tiers of ethereal chiffon and a bodice wrapped in nude lace. Her crown, neckpiece and shoes share the natural motif and are accented with a feather design. Bold armbands complete the look.

Barbie Collector MEDUSA Doll

Her face is so delicately formed and painted that it's so much fun to just look at her in her box. Her face is so delicately formed and painted that it's so much fun to just look at her in her box.  The detail on her accessories are amazing. She has snakes in her hands but also on her earrings, necklace, and her shoes. Her hair isn't tied back in her packaging either, but beautifully curled and styled. 

Barbie Exclusive 2009 GOLD Fantasy Series - APHRODITE

Second in the mystical series by designer Linda Kyaw, Barbie Doll as Aphrodite looks positively luminous in a fitted and flowing sea foam green and cream gown with incredible detailing. Shell-like accessories add to the doll's heavenly allure, as does fantastical face paint, rooted eyelashes, and gorgeous tendril -styled blond hair

Barbie Athena Doll Gold Label

Strong, capable, and wise, the goddess Athena allegedly leaped from the head of Zeus, already adult, dressed with her armor. Barbie® as Athena wears a stunning suit of golden armor including head piece, breast plate, boots, and shield. Beautiful and bold, she's a fashionable force to be reckoned with. Designed by Linda Kyaw.

Cleopatra Barbie Doll Le 5400 Egyptian Barbie

This Cleopatra Barbie doll is an asset to any collection. She's well dressed and comes with some great accessories.  A must have for any collection. The tiny chains around her waist are a wonderful touch. Her staff is beautifully crafted with a hanging gem.
This striking portrayal of Barbie doll as Cleopatra captures the nobility of a divine queen. She wears a dazzling cape and skirt with exotic green and black design, featuring a golden rope embellishment. Her extravagant headdress lends a regal air with its ornate design with scarab and cobra details. The faux jewel and golden earrings, dagger, and scepter reveal the pharaoh's exotic origin. History and striking elegance meet to create an extraordinary doll.

Fantasy Goddess of Arctic Barbie

Fourth in the International Beauty Collection by Bob Mackie, celebrating the beauty of women from all around the world. Barbie® doll's magnificent ensemble, inspired by the Arctic culture, is the epitome of Bob Mackie's extravagant, spectacular style of fashion design. She wears a long, dramatic dark blue coat, trimmed in faux fur and lined in brilliant fuchsia. The coat is elaborately embroidered, with strands of silvery beads cascading from the hood. Barbie® doll's platinum blond hair is pulled up in an intricate hairstyle and decorated with a beautifully beaded headband. Silvery earrings add the finishing touch.
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