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Trending Gadgets

Trending Gadgets

DIGITSOLE Warm Series Heated Insole EU 42-43, US Men 8.5-9.5, US Women 10.5-11
Those loving hiking, skiing, motorcycling, hunting but also professionals such as workers in refrigerated warehouses or on construction sites are perfect candidates for the Warm Series. Even if you have poor blood circulation in your feet or tend to always be sick during winter, the Warm Series will make your life much more comfortable. With one single pair of Digitsole, you can now heat and connect most of your shoes. How would you like to get your hands on a rechargeable insole that can be used to heat your feet and track your steps? You can link up to Digitsole via Bluetooth and use an Android or iOS app to adjust the temperature of your feet (separately if necessary). The insoles will also track your steps and tell you how many calories you’ve burned. 

RC Flying Bird
For beginner to expert RC users. The rechargeable RC Flying Bird is so light and so lifelike that real birds check it out in mid-air. There are no fans or propellers - the RC Flying Bird takes off by flapping its ultralight wings 18 times per second to fly indoors or outdoors, up to 100 yards into the sky. You control the altitude, speed and direction, perform aerial stunts or just let it glide with the wind.

Jamie Oliver Red Flavour Shaker

Great for people with carpel tunnel. Makes grinding spices simple and it blends the ingredients quickly and thoroughly. It's easy to clean. The flavour Shaker crushes, grinds, mixes, mashed and effectively remove the flavor from whole spices, herbs, garlic, nuts, citrus and lime leaves. Within moments you will notice just how easy it is to get more flavor to your meals. Translucent so you can see ingredients inside.

Norpro Stainless Steel Sprayer Mister

Cut down on those fat calories! Mist your salads with oil (you can add your favorite herbs to the glass reservoir) instead of drenching them. Great for grilled meats, too — and pans, griddles, cookie sheets. It measures Measures 6-1/4 inches/16cm and holds 3 ounces/90 ml. Healthy alternative to cooking sprays. Filter helps separate herbs for a steady flow. It gives a fine spray similar to aerosol cans.

Zyliss Swiss Innovation 5 in one Opener

Five functions in one device: pops open bottle caps, lifts soda can pop tops, unseals machine-tightened bottle caps, removes pull-tabs, and breaks the seal of jar lids. Dishwasher safe. 

G-Technology G-DRIVE ev SSD Evolution Series USB 3.0 External Solid State Drive 512GB (0G03099)

With a need for speed - take the power of the G-DRIVE ev SSD with you. With extreme solid-state performance connected with USB 3.0, you'll get transfer rates up to 400MB/s. Use it alone or with the G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt and experience up to 480MB/s for the ultimate flexibility and expand-ability that today's creative professionals demand. Pros need faster, more flexible ways to capture, share and distribute their work-and from the field to the studio, G-Technology's innovative Evolution Series streamlines digital content workflow as never before. Shoot on-site, transfer to studio and distribute to your partners, all with one system.
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Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves With Zippered Compartment

Packing and upacking has never been easier than with the Deluxe Packable Shelves from Travelon. Simply hang the shelves in your closet of over the back of a door. Place your clothes, shoes, toiletry kit on the shelves, and drop the Deluxe Packable Shelves, clothes and all, into your suitcase. When you arrive at your destination, lift the Deluxe Packable Shelves up from the suitcase and hang in the closet or over the door. Your clothes stay organized and ready to wear. The Deluxe Packable Shelves features 2 open shelves and 1 zip closed shelf. Fits 18" suitcase and up. For more than 35 years, Travelon has been making travel easier and safer with products that provide protection, peace-of-mind, safety, security and organization.
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Tagg Pet GPS Plus - Dog and Cat Tracker Collar Attachment
Tagg GPS Plus is a location tracking device that attaches to your dog's collar so you can keep track of them wherever they go or if they ever sneak out. Tagg uses advanced cellular GPS technology to help pinpoint your dog’s location should they ever become lost. Tagg is an award-winning GPS Tracker that sends text and email alerts when your pet wanders off. You can locate your pet on a map using our free mobile and web app. We have added a Temperature Sensor, which now notifies you if your pet is in danger of overheating on a hot day or in freezing environments. Tagg also monitors their activity and fitness levels ensuring they stay active and healthy. 
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Threadsmiths Men's Cavalier Hydrophobic T-Shirt

The perfect white t-shirt is a closet essential. It's versatile, it's cool, and it's a piece that's able to be worn any day of the year, in any season. We love white t-shirts, but they are virtually impossible to keep clean. A single drop of coffee or wine could ruin your t-shirt (and your day). So we created a premium 100% cotton t-shirt crafted with a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt. We're really proud of this t-shirt and think you'll love it too! Our t-shirts come in a slim fit so we recommend you going a size up if you prefer a standard fit. 
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Xcellent Global Wireless Key Finder Item Locator Indoor Pet Finder Keys Caller Locator Kit M-HG053

Small personal items tend to mysteriously disappear and - after extended searches - reappear in places never expected. The Key Finder puts an end to these time-consuming search operations.
This is absolutely a unique key finder that you've ever seen! It contains a tumbler remote control and four receivers. 
Simply press the remote control and follow the audio signal, it will locate your keys or other lost items up to 30 meters away with no barrier.

Receivers with key ring holes

Big buttons and easy operation, makes it specially suited to older people
Smart design offers certain adornment effect
Long working distance and loud sound
Suitable for personal use, family use, gift and promotional purposes, etc
Find lost keys and other easily lost items quickly with just one press on the color-coded button,the beep sound and flashes will lead you to find the lost items.
ON/OFF button which located at the right side of the transmitter allows you to turn on or off the flashlight easily. This becomes extremely handy when you need to find something in the dark.

1 x Transmitter (battery not included)
4 x Receivers (battery included)
1 x user manual

1 x Base support
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