Thursday, October 30, 2014

Toys For Girls

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Hug 'n Giggle Baby

This sweet doll loves to get hugs. Squeeze the soft tummy and hear her giggle. She can be washed, but take out the sound box out before washing. It will soon become your little ones favorite toy. 

Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll

Sold by Mattel

Your children will love re-creating Elsa's icy cool adventures in Arendelle. Singing her song "Let It Go". I am sure most children know that song off by heart already.

Disney Frozen Ice Palace Playset from Mattel

Check out the video review below.

I love this castle for the imaginative possibilities. It also teaches that certain things go in certain places. But that is the teacher side of me.

Fashion Headbands

This is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they have their own personalized headband, but they made it themselves. With 10 satin headbands, assortment of ribbons, rhinestones, feathers, some butterflies and flowers. Have a pajama night and let the girls each create their own headband. Do you have to babysit 2 nieces at a time. Get this, two brown paper bags, write their names on a bag and divide the headband and accessories in two. No fighting.

Check it out

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

This is a perfect way to teach your daughter her shapes and colors. How to group things together, put all circles together, plates together and anything else you can think of. This is a perfect first baby puzzle, teaching her that shapes fit in shapes. Ask for the yellow plate or put everything that has yellow in it together. As a pre-school teacher I just love this toy.
The toy is suitable for 6 months and older. I would buy it for a girl from one year up, they will enjoy packing and unpacking. From a year old you can teach them the number one. Give me one fork, one toy. At the age of two the number two etc. 

Pets for 18 Inch Dolls, Complete Puppy Dog Play Set, Perfect Doll Toy fit for 18" American Girl Dolls & More! Cuddly Dog, Leash, Carrier, Bed, Food & Play Dog Accessories.

I would by this for myself for my theme table on pets. It will teach your little girl to keep things together. There is a lot that can be taught. How to look after your dog. Where do dogs sleep, what do they eat and the grooming of your dog. Rough and smooth, soft and hard. I tend to look at toys from a teaching point of view, and how much play learning is in a toy. This toy has both. Spend time with your child while she is playing with this and talk about everything, use the words like kennel, dog brush, fluffy dog, hard bone, round ball, food dish etc. Her vocabulary will increase.

Creativity For Kids It's My Life Scrapbook Kit

On the box it says for children 7 years and up. If possible get a disposable camera to go with gift. Young girls are now starting to question themselves and where they belong. This will help them see themselves as just perfect. It is a great way to start them off on making a diary of their lives.
It contains a hardcover spiral bound scrapbook, decorative acid free paper, mini envelopes and vellum stickers.

Absolute Animal Toys Board for the Best Learning & Education Magnetic Puzzle Wooden - Multi-function Writing Drawing

I love this for so many reasons. You can tell stories with it, children learn shapes make pictures and it stimulates the child's imagination. As a pre-school teacher I am shocked to see how many children do not have an imagination. They might pretend to be singers, and sing the songs the singer sings, ask them to make up their own song and they cannot.
For very shy children this is great in bring themselves out. For the storyteller they can tell hundreds of their own stories. The creative child lives in a world where they can create and create. For the rest of the children great for those 'I am bored' days.

Zoomer Kitty - Whiskers the Orange Tabby

This interactive Kitty just loves to play. She can pounce, purr and she actually sees and follows your movements. Her eyes will change color to indicate what mood she is in. This kitty has touch sensors in her whiskers, head, ears and cheeks. When you pet her she will respond with purrs that you can feel. She will even nuzzle against you for attention. She will entertain you with songs, dance and perform her secret kitty tricks. Her curious nature will let her wander off if she does not get any attention. You can use her interactive Paw Print Kitty Toy to play with her just like a real kitty. Includes: 1 Zoomer Kitty, 1 Kitty Toy, 1 USB Charging Cable (wall charger sold separately), 1 Instruction Guide. Batteries Not Required. A reusable cat carrying case so you can take her anywhere. 

Also available are these kitties, each with their own interactive kitty toy.

Sparkle Girlz Fashion Make Up Styling Head 

Little girls just love to play with hair. This styling head will be perfect and keep her busy. Comes with hairbrush and accessories and includes hair extensions.

Little Live Pets Lil' Turtle - Tenda

Little Live Pets Turtle is the cutest pet friend that moves and acts so real! Your pet turtle can swim in water and walk on land - like a real turtle! Each turtle is unique with cool shell designs! Collect them all! Take them home and make them your own. Includes one turtle, one AAA battery and an instruction booklet.

Pony Surprise Starburst Plush

This beautiful pony is ready to share adventures and fun with you! Enjoy Moonlight and each of her ponies as you play. Each pony has their own personality - choose your favorite pony or collect them all!

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