Friday, September 12, 2014

Diabetes Diet

Foods for Type 2 Diabetes To Help You Manage Your Blood Sugar

Having diabetes does not have to ruin your life, just see it a plan for healthier living. You have to lose weight, but losing weight does not mean going on a dull diet. You must see food differently and you will soon see that a diet is actually a food management plan. Your food can still be delicious but now it is more healthy. I like to call it a health plan.

The diabetes diet does not mean avoiding all sugars, you have to decrease the amount of sugar you take in drastically but a treat after Sunday lunch is acceptable. 

Eating carbs in not off limits either but must be taken in moderation and it would be wise to use whole grain carbs, this contains fiber which you need, but there also choose high-fiber, slow-release carbs. This help keep blood sugar levels, level as the carbs are digested more slowly.

     millet                                                    whole wheat pasta

You can use brown rice or wild rice, steel-cut oats or rolled oats, high-fiber breakfast cereal (with no sugar), whole-wheat pasta, peas or leafy greens, sweet potatoes, barley, yams, winter squash, cauliflower mash, Brussels sprouts, lentils, millet, mushrooms, whole-grain crackers, cabbage, spinach, are all good  for you as they are high in fiber and does not increase your blood sugar.

Avoid saturated fats found in whole-milk dairy products, margarine, butter, yogurt, cheese, poultry skin and red meat. Studies have shown that insulin resistance can be caused by a diet that is high in saturated fats.

Sugary foods such as candy, soda, cookies and cake are to be left out of your diet plan and as said before you can have a small dessert after Sunday lunch, but only one small helping.

Drink lots of water, this helps to take the toxins out of your body, however do not buy flavored water as this contains concentrated sugar, so does fruit juices bought in stores even the 100% juices. If you need to drink something other than water go for zero-calorie naturally flavored seltzer, add a piece of lemon or lime.

 The diet for stage 1 or type 1 is the same for stage2 or type 2 diabetes. Please remember this is a life time eating plan and not to be taken for a month or two and everything goes back to what it was. You have to manage your diet, keep record of your blood sugar count, this way you will see what sparks your blood sugar and what keeps it level.

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