Friday, September 12, 2014


One in every twelve people have diabetes in America, in South Africa 840 000 people have been diagnosed with diabetes and still less than half of the people with diabetes are diagnosed. With all facts we do not pay attention to diabetes until we are one of the statistics.

You actually get three types of diabetes,the pre-diabetes, stage2 and stage1. Pre-diabetes putting it simply it means you are at risk in getting diabetes. You are showing signs of borderline diabetes. With pre-diabetes you are at risk of getting stage 2 diabetes.

  Stage 2 or Type 2: 

 At this point your body has built up a resistance to insulin.and does not work properly within your body or your body just does not produce enough insulin.

The symptoms include:
Increased hunger even though you have just eaten.
Your mounth always seems dry.
You are thirsty almost all of the time.
Going to the loo more often to urinate
You are tired all the time.
Your food intake has increased but you are losing weight fast or you gain weight very fast. (Sometimes this can also be your thyroid but that too has other symptoms that go with it)
Blurred vision
Pounding headaches
And even though this hardly happens the loss of consciousness.
In males impotency can occure.
Slow healing of small sores, sometimes the sores even seem to become red and may have some puss.
Sometimes there can be numbness and tingling of the hands and feet and often people think this is a pinched nerve and ignore it.
Your neck, armpit, and groin change color and become darker than the rest of your body.
Your vaginal or groin area become itchy.
Yeast infections happen more frequently.

At this stage you do not require insulin injections but you need to go on a strict food management plan.

Stage 1 or Type 1

People with type 1 diabetes is when your body's immune system attacks various cells in the body. The symptoms show up very quickly as your body is fighting itself. The symptoms are the same as for stage 2 diabetes but it is at a faster rate.
For other people the symptoms are a little different:
Deep, rapid breathing almost as if you have just run to the moon and back.
Dry skin and mouth as in stage 2 but this is more severe
Flushed face, being very red in the face even though you have not just exercised
Your breath has a fruity odor 
Nausea or vomiting; inability to keep down fluids
 severe stomach pain.

When your blood sugar starts to fall you will start sweating and shaking, your head start to pound, you get palpitations, your whole body feels weak and feel nervous for no reason.

With stage 1 or Type 1 diabetes you will need to check your blood sugar on a daily basis and inject yourself with insulin if your blood sugar is to low. Along with the diet you will need to go on a diabetic diet. This diet I will discuss in my next post.

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