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How to Make a Multi Strand Seed Bead Necklace

One always seems to have an endless supply of seed beads and you just do not know what to do with them, with this pattern you will use quite a bit of seed beads making your stash a little smaller. Still want to get rid of more seed beeds make a matching bracelet.

I got this pattern from

Project Type: Make a Project
Bead Type: Seed
Time to complete: In an evening
Bead Technique Used: Strung
Bead Project Type: Necklace, Bracelet
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Here’s what you need
- beading needle of your choice
- Scissors
- 6 tubes of seed beads (I used 6/0 but you could use whatever size you want), pick whatever colors you want. I used foil lined red, a silvery metallic, matte red, matte black and metallic silver
- 2 bead cones, whatever style you choose, mine are plain silver
- 2 – 10mm round beads (you could use a different size or even bicones or round ovals)
- 2 – eye pins (mine are about 2.5”)
- Clasp of your choosing
- 2 jump rings
- Fireline (or beading thread of your choice) I used 6lb test crystal

Start with about 3 ½ yards of fireline. Thread your needle then, leaving about a 6-8” tail tie a surgeon’s knot around the loop on the eye pin.

Thread the 10mm round bead snugging it up against the eye pin.

Thread on the seed beads. You can mix the colors or have separate colors in each strand.

Once you have gotten about to the length that you want your necklace to be (you will be adding anywhere from 1” to 2” with the cones and clasp so keep that in mind) thread on the other 10mm round bead tight to the strand of seed beads. Tie it off with another surgeon’s knot through the eye in the other pin making sure that there’s no slack between the strand of beads, 10mm bead or the eye pin. The cones hide the yucky part of the eye pin with all of your threads and knots so you can be a bit messy.

Run your needle back through the round bead and all the way through it.

String on another length of seed beads at about the same length as before and back up through the other round bead. Tie another surgeons knot making sure that there’s no slack in your strand.

Repeat this until you have as many strands as you want.

To finish the thread tie off another surgeon’s knot on each end and trim your thread. You can also add a dab of glue to each end where all of the knots meet.

To add the clasp string one of the bead cones over the eye pin tight to the round bead.

You can add a small bead to this end or leave it plain like I did. Finish off the pin with a wrapped loop. Repeat for the other end of the piece.

Attach a jump ring on each of the wrapped loops you made and add your clasp and voila! You have your multi strand necklace!

AllFreeJewelryMaking got their pattern from:

Jewelry by Desiree

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