Sunday, September 7, 2014


This is not a crocheted scarf but I like it and it is east and super fast to make, for when you need something to glam up an outfit with no time to spare.

I got this pattern off 

Cut long lengths of yarn, weave smaller strips through and tie together at regular intervals to create this cool scarf.


w Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky - black bear
   or 1 skein any color bulky yarn

w Habu Textiles Mosca - magenta
   or 1 ball any color worsted yarn


Cut yarn into single strands, 
mine are 90" long  (2.5 yards)


Using a table or an ironing board, drape yarn into sections

2 strands of the black yarn, 
and 4 to 6 strands of the purple yarn.

Take a piece of the black yarn
and weave it.
Over the black, under the purple, over the black, under the purple, etc.

After getting to the other side (ending with "over the black") bring the yarn under the black, over the purple etc. back to the beginning.

You will now have a section of yarn weaved along the main sections.
Tie the two ends together.

Pull tight and it will gather the strands into a nice little "poof".
Then tie a bow to finish off the section and further secure the knot.

Do this 6 or 7 times at even intervals along the length, creating a scarf!!!

I recommend twisting the scarf around
below your neck or tie it together loosely

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