Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yellow-Sided Conure

Yellow-Sided Conure 

The Yellow-Sided Conure is a mutation from the Green Cheek Conure and is one of the most kept pet birds.The Yelllow-Sided Conure has the same features as the Green-Cheeck conure with a few differences, their wings are green tipped with a tinge of blue, their chest is a bright yellow with some red. Another feature that stands out is their feet, unlike normal conures they have pinkish feet.

 They are smaller than your normal parrot like the African Grey and Macaw, they are between 25 -27 cm and weigh  between 60 to 80 grams. Their life span ranges from 20–25 years.

The Yellow Sided Conure like it's cousin is an intelligent, affectionate playful bird, shy, independent and always full of antics.They like to be the center of attention and will often hang upside-down to get their owner's attention. They love to climb ropes, swing from toys and just play. It has been said that the have "big personality in a small body".

They are not as noisy as the other Conures but do have shrill calls and can talk but not as well as the African Grey.The Yellow Sided Conure likes to learn tricks such as kissing,climb up ropes and rings bells, lie on their backs and pretty much anything you wish to teach them.

They enjoy being out of their cage and being with their owner. Like all parrot species the Yellow-Sided Conure is prone to feather picking. When you notice this please take him to an avian vet to rule out any medical problems. If there are no medical problems he is then picking his feathers out of bordem. They need appropriate mental stimulation so please provide some toys for the times you cannot spend with them.

They love fruit such as bananas, apple, all the berries, currants,kiwi, mango, apricots, dates, figs, cherries, oranges, peaches, grapefruit, papaya, dehydrated fruit and just about any fruit you can name. Just remember to remove the core and seeds of the fruit as some seeds are toxic to the conure.

They eat dandelion leaves, broccoli leaves, cabbage and cauliflower leaves, mustard greens,carrots, peas, corn, kelp, bok choy greens, parsley,  beet greens, water cress, turnip greens, mashed potatoes and lima beans but please no avokado, this is also toxic for your bird.   

The seed food should only be about 7% of your birds diet. You can make a mixture of seeds for your conure, consisting of pellets, sunflower seeds, wheat berries, hemp seeds, oat, wheat berries, sprouted seeds and soaked lentils. You do not have to give all the grains and ceral this is just a guidline, but do make it varied. Give dairy sparingly such yougurt but NOT MILK. Conures are lactose intolerent. Other forms of protein is a hard boiled egg and nuts such as peanuts, almonds, cashews, 

Here is a short video taken from YOUTUBE showing you the tricks that the Yellow-Sided Conure can do.

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